Una lettera sulle elezioni italiane (a Lord John Alderdice)



Risposta da Lord Alderdice di domenica 13 aprile 2008

My dear liberal friend, M Morelli,

Thank you for your letter.  One of my great personal disappointments in recent years has been the electoral weakness of Italian liberalism.  I visited Italy on a number of occasions  as Vice President of ELDR to try to assist liberal forces in the country to come together and strengthen themselves, but to little long-term avail.  Nowadays when the voice of Malagodi-liberalism is heard – and he was for me a great personal inspiration – it is only heard at all when it is in collaboration with others.

I was under the impression that FdLI was not standing in these elections itself.  Rather than say nothing, when we are all so concerned about the possible return of Berlusconi, I made this statement with the aim of encouraging those liberal forces in DP which are represented in the liberal group in the European Parliament (ALDE).

ALDE (which is close cooperative partner with LI) has endorsed Veltroni’s nomination and the leadership, including our good friend Graham Watson MEP, is actively involved in Veltroni’s campaign. Hence, we have espressed sentiments of support to one of our partners which has asked for support. The statement was carefully written and was in no way intended to exclude our constant support to our traditional member partners which I have no intention of jeopardising, and as far as I am aware none of the Italians present at the ELDR meeting in Tallinn during 11-12 April 2008 reacted negatively to our letter. Both the Radicals and Italia dei Valori are running at the upcoming elections, but I am advised (not having been in Tallinn myself) that they have had no issue with the LI statement, even though they have read it and it does not specifically mention them.

I do hope that FdLI will be represented at the LI Congress in Belfast in May and I will be glad to receive more information and meet personally with you or with other representatives of FdLI.

With kindest regards,

John, Lord Alderdice

President of Liberal International

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